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On behalf of the Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington, we express our sincere and heartfelt sympathies to the family of Mr. Khodamorad Kamran, who so suddenly passed away on February 9, 2013. Mr. Kamran was a man of great vision who cared deeply for the Zoroastrian community and supported it munificently. We are saddened that his demise has come at a time when he was very close to realizing his noble dream of completing the construction of a magnificent Dare Mehr and community center in Boyds, Maryland. To his last breath, Mr. Kamran spared no time and effort in overcoming the final hurdles of establishing the worship facility.    
We pray to Ahura Mazda to grant him “the reward given … to those who, in their physical life, truly serve the community… with their deeds of the good mind… and promote Your plan of wisdom through communal righteousness.” (Ahunavaiti Gatha).

Board of Trustees,
February 10, 2013


Saturday, August 10, 6pm
The Colonies
7681 Provincial Drive McLean, VA 22102

Parsi New Year, August 24

Welcome to the Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington Inc. (ZAMWI). ZAMWI was established to work towards the perpetuation of Zoroastrianism, to increase the knowledge of Zoroastrians about their faith, to increase awareness of Zoroastrian history through talks and studies by scholars, and to promote a community spirit and cohesion among its members.

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