Fali Chothia Charitable Trust

Applications are now being accepted for the 2016-2017 academic year, and can be downloaded hereThe deadline for submitting applications is October 1, 2016.

The Fali Chothia Charitable Trust was established in 1988 under ZAMWI, and is funded by individual donations from all over North America. The Trust provides scholarships to deserving Zoroastrian students enrolled in universities in North America, regardless of their country of origin. Assistance is based on factors such as an applicant’s overall financial need, educational level and achievements, as well as community service — particularly among Zoroastrian communities.  In addition to individual contributions, the fund receives support from a collaboration with the World Zoroastrian Organisation (WZO). This collaboration enables the trust to provide more sizeable scholarships, and allows both organizations to further their goals of helping needy Zoroastrian students without duplicating efforts.

All donations made to the trust are tax-exempt, and go directly toward the corpus of the fund. Individual members of the Board of Trustees absorb all administrative, mailing, and other fund-raising costs. Donations may be made either online, or by a check made payable to ZAMWI – The Fali Chothia Charitable Trust and mailed to:

Attn:  The Fali Chothia Charitable Trust
10300 Farnham Drive
Bethesda, MD 20814


Recipients of the 2015 Fali Chothia Charitable Trust Scholarship are:

Parendi Birdie is truly an exceptional young lady. She is pursuing a degree in Biochemistry at Honors College, University of Houston, and hopes to eventually go to Cornell vet school. She has a stellar academic record, but what sets her apart is her deep and long-standing commitment to community service. She has devoted much of her life to volunteering—from animal hospitals to migrant farm workers’ advocacy groups, resulting in her being chosen to participate in and lead several prestigious international community action programs.

Kurush Dastur is pursuing a Master of Science in accounting at George Mason University after completing a Masters in Commerce at Mumbai University. Kurush is a sampoorna navar and maratab from Dadar Athornan Institute, and hopes to continue helping zoroastrians by performing rituals for the North American community.

Fareeza Doctor is pursuing a Master of Law degree at the University of California, Berkeley after obtaining a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Sussex, England. She has been active in community affairs in her home country of Pakistan, and has continued her involvement in the US by volunteering at local and national zoroastrian organizations.

Sasan Jahanian  is obtaining a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Virginia Commonwealth University with the ultimate goal of becoming a community-oriented dentist. While he was a graduate student in California, he developed “Creating Healthy Smiles,” an interactive program to educate children on proper oral hygiene. He was also an inaugural fellow at the Return to Roots program, and continues to be an active member of various zoroastrian organizations.

Parmis Khosravi, working towards an MA in psychology at Catholic University, has been an honors student throughout her life. She has a passion for psychology and for zoroastrianism, and is interested in exploring their shared roots.  She has volunteered at crisis centers and is very active within the zoroastrian community in Washington, DC.

Armene Modi is a rare individual who, after a 25-year-long successful career, gave it all up to volunteer full-time at an NGO for women, Ashta No Kai.  Established by Armene in 1998, it has empowered thousands of girls and women in rural India. Armene has also attended and organized a number of international forums on peace and poverty, and has been a volunteer for many zoroastrian causes. Feeling that she needed more academic education to increase her effectiveness at Ashta No Kai, she is now obtaining a Global Master of Arts degree in international relations at Tufts University.